The Lost Ways |Our Full Review

Thank you for stopping by to read my honest review about The Lost Ways. This is a book by Claude Davis, a serious individual who has done a lot of thinking about the ways of our ancestor. I will show you what exactly you will find in this book and how you will benefit from… Read More »

How Social Media Can Help Us to Improve Disaster Response

Social medial tools have become a part of our lives; as citizens, emergency responders and researchers. Lessons and best practices learnt from disasters and emergency situations globally in recent times have shown that social media platforms can serve as a vital and integral component of crisis response. Communication is an essential tool of emergency management.… Read More »

The Primitive Survival Skills You Need To Know About

Survival is the strongest instinct in mankind. Our bodies will go to extremes to keep us unscathed, warm or alert in situations it perceives threatening. Learning to turn these instincts into skills to make one survive in the most arduous situations has struck an interest in many. These techniques, not only fascinating, could also prove… Read More »